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White Nights Ballet is a ballet project represented by the non-profit organization “White Nights Artistic Society” and established by former Mariinsky Theatre soloists Alina Krasovskaya and Alexander Romanchikov.

We invite talented, bright, exciting, knowledge-hungry artists to make a great team and share and explore the world of dance together.

We see the future of our project in creating unusual, bright, and memorable collaborations between two young female choreographers and young talented composers. We believe that sincerity, honesty, and talent are the essential tools for true art. Looking at the modern world, we want to reflect in our works the most relevant issues of our time. We try not to divide everything into good and bad, right and wrong, but to show all the versatility and complexity of a human and the situations in which he could find himself. We avoid using clichés while remaining open to all viewers' understanding. We also think that in a period of global upheaval, when many people are losing their life guidelines and the ground under their feet, it is especially important to make the audience feel, experience, and revive the best human senses.
Collaboration between choreographers and composers opens up avenues for creativity and adds a unique touch to our work. The classical ballet training of choreographers and dancers provides us with a diverse range of movement exploration. Most significantly, everyone involved in our project has an unwavering passion for creating, transforming ideas into art, and sharing our discoveries with the audience.


Alina was born in St Petersburg. At the age of 10, she joined the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy. After graduating in 2013 she was invited to join the Mariinsky Ballet company. In 2016 Alina was promoted to the rank of Character dance soloist. During her work in the theater, Alina was involved in many performances, productions, and festivals, and worked with different modern choreographers. In 2020 Alina received a master’s degree as a choreographer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. The same year she participated in the «The Workshop of young choreographers» which was part of the “Mariinsky” festival. She represented her work “The elusive light”. Alina has toured with the troupe the USA, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Brasil, etc. In 2022 moved to California.


Alexander was born in Krasnodar, Russia. In 2006 graduated from the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, and that same year was invited to continue his career with the Mariinsky Ballet Company. In 2008 was promoted to the rank of Soloist. Since 2006 Alexander has been a regular participant in such festivals as "White Nights”, "Mariinsky" and "Easter Festival". In his theater’s repertoire lots of classical, character, and dramatic roles in ballets such as Swan Lake, La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Stone Flower, and many others, as well as works by Preljocaj, Balanchine, Gusev, Lavrovsky, Ashton, and Fokine. Alexander has toured the USA, Japan, China, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France, Brasil, and others. In 2020 Alexander graduated as a ballet master at St.Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. In 2022 moved to California.

An exceptional night of contemporary music and choreography

Our «Crossroads» program is a unique blend of Beautiful and distinct music by talented modern composers and exciting choreographic experiments by modern female choreographers. The evening has a special feature where composers and choreographers will perform and showcase their work, allowing the audience to grasp the essence of their creations truly. Our creative team aims to showcase the profound and fascinating works of Contemporary authors who delve into the most relevant issues of our time and culture. Through their writing, we hope to help the audience reconnect with their sense of humanity and experience various emotions.

In the first part of the show, we will be presenting the musical compositions of two outstanding composers, Polina Krasovskaya and Arseniy Gusev. In the show's second part, you will have the opportunity to witness the daring and innovative works of the female choreographers - Alina Krasovskaya, Amanda de Oliveira, Masha Cherezova, Isabella Caso and Yulia Ermakova. Most of their works have been created in collaboration with the same composers, resulting in a truly harmonious dance and music experience.

Performers and authors:

Polina Krasovskaya

Arseniy Gusev

Alina Krasovskaya

Alexander Romanchikov

Amanda de Oliveira

Masha Cherezova

Isabella Caso

Yulia Ermakova

Isabeballa Kouznetsova

Diana Kouznetsova

Giselle Devey

Our Projects
Ballet through the Centuries: from Classic to Contemporary

CONTINUUM is about continuing to save ballet traditions and explore new dance languages and forms, about continuing motion as a symbol of our life. We also continue to unite many talented artists of different nationalities at the same stage, which makes our project more diverse and bright!

The program of the concert will be incredibly varied: excerpts from world-famous classical masterpieces in the first part, and world premieres of contemporary works in the second part. The concert will feature both professional ballet soloists with great experience in famous companies such as Mariinsky Ballet, ABT, and Los Angeles Ballet, and young dancers who graduate from the best ballet schools. The biggest intrigue of the evening will be the collaboration of two young female choreographers Alina Krasovskaya and Amanda De Oliveira!

Performers and authors:

Alina Krasovskaya

Amanda de Oliveira

Maire E.New

Matisse Love

Aimee Cho

Alexander Romanchikov

Aaron Smyth

Jacob Ray

Matthew Schroeder

and other

Lost Letters of Love
"Lost Letters of Love" is a unique project, a collaboration of original modern choreography, live music, graphics, and poetry in one performance.

Every day we write letters and send countless messages to each other. Sometimes it is just meaningless chatter or correspondence at work, and sometimes one notification, one line of a message, that appears on the phone screen can turn into an epigraph to the most important love story or rewrite the whole chapter of our lives.

Our project Lost letters is about dialogues and silence, endless love and a cold wall of misunderstanding, fears, and pain hidden deep inside, and tenderness and loneliness. About everything that we can find in lost and unsent letters to ourselves, to our loved ones, or to eternity.
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